Sling me a shot! Newbies, Nostalgia and Booberella

Since being reunited with my PS2 (which still works after spending several long months on top of a dusty VCR with only an occasional DVD for company) I have been reliving my days spent playing some cracking games. Happy days for me.

I was supposed to be using it to teach my friend about video games and it started, well…OK I guess. Final Fantasy XII was a hit thanks to its lack of jumping, unfortunately my friend needs to learn how to adjust camera angles and walk in a straight line. I then asked her to try Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 which I deemed easy enough…until we started it up that is. The game begins with a simple enough run down a road infested with Frills (simple enough seen as you have an army of gun toting koalas and two tasmanian tigers on your side), however this road then leads to a missile launching section which put the poor girl off for good.

So this put me in a dilemma. I could see that jumpy platform games weren’t her cup of tea and so I turned to a slightly different option. Dark Cloud. This game combines dungeoneering with a fun building aspect out of the dungeon. So, with plenty of room to manoeuver through the dungeons (to avoid the rather annoying “Jess I’m stuck on a wall”) and the fun of naming characters it was perfect.

However, I’m often a sort of monkey see monkey do kinda girl so after watching my friend play through two levels of dungeons I had nostalgia for the game. So I chose to start again and overtook her in the first day. No surprise since I’ve played it through at least twice (though not all the way through the final dungeon who’s name I forgot)

At level seven (?) I recieved a brand new ally. A cat-girl I named…something…anyway, this ally specialises in long-range attacks thanks to a little slingshot. In my previous playthroughs I built up a Bandit Slingshot into the mighty Divine Beast Slingshot (a very powerful weapon) after many hours of running through dungeons searching for the correct attactchments. However, in this playthrough I have yet to find any kind of slingshot other than the bog-standard wooden slingshot that acts as the default weapon. I have found five gladius, three crystknife, and two baselards all of which can be used by the main hero (fondly named Elric after my favourite character in a book I’m writing). Is it really too much to ask for a slingshot?

On a more fun note I have managed to divert my attention from the tedious lack of slingshots by gaining a brand new ally. After the second dungeon I left with new ally PEETI (all capitals, complete accident), a chubby kid with a hammer and I have just today (about two hours ago) procured my third ally. She’s a genie and we (my game-newbie friend and I) were having trouble naming her. The name we decided on…?


~ by Jess Wiles on January 26, 2011.

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