Getting some Winks, feeling the Croc Power and losing my Memory

It was happy days today as I received a shiny new PS1 memory card in the post. If any of you out there have owned a PS1 in the past and are thinking of replaying some of those classic games the chances are your memory card won’t work as I discovered two years ago. Lucky for me I have a PS3 at home which creates save files for PS1 games on its hard drive. Sadly, the PS3 is not mine exclusively so I couldn’t bring it with me to my new house.

And so there I was with a PS2, about ten PS1 games and no working memory card. My friend Sophie (the game newbie) suggested bringing her memory card. That too did not work. So I turned to eBay and bought an unofficial memory card (a p6 4mb one to be precise).

When it arrived today I plugged it in immediately and we attempted to play the game 40 Winks. However the system denied the existence of my memory card and the instructions were completely useless. After searching the internet for answers (a fruitless endeavor it should be noted) I went back downstairs only to find that Sophie had miraculously made it work!

So with a working memory card we proceeded to play. 40 Winks is not my game so I had little idea of what to expect (Sophie had only told me that it was about a boy and a girl who, and I quote, “bum things” and all I could think of was giant mushrooms – I believe I have smashed mushrooms in a similar way on another game). Personally I enjoyed it. The aim of the game is to get a good nights sleep by collecting the 40 Winks scattered through different dream areas and defeat the big boss who’s name I forget.

The henchman, Threadbear is adorably cute yet oddly scary as he attempts to thwart you on a giant spider (spiders are not my forte). It is typically a kid’s game as almost every aspect is explained to you by a talking clock who makes random noises (his name is Wakey Wakey but has been fondly renamed Wanky Wanky the Pedo Clock).

After rescuing just two of the forty Winks  (who cry at you until you pick them up) I switched games. Feeling slightly nostalgic I felt it was time to turn to Croc: Legend of the Gobbos to get that kid feeling. I don’t remember much of Croc but I must have been good at it because I distinctly remember getting stuck in the bad guy’s castle near the end of the game. So I put the game in and hit start. It was like being X years old again (can’t quite remember) as I collected shiny crystal things, saved the gobbos and jumped down slightly ominous looking wells. For any of you who have never played Croc, 1 or 2, I would recommend that you do so. Sure, the graphics are nowhere near the standards of the PS3 or Xbox 360, and the controls are a tad stiff in comparison to many newer games but that’s part of its charm.

So I would like to dedicate this post to Croc, the little crocodile who says cute things like “Shplat!” and “Going up!” and was the basis for many great games today.

Here’s to you Croc!

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~ by Jess Wiles on January 27, 2011.

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