One Issue Wonder

A couple of days ago I found three packs of three comics whilst looking for a DVD on T’ai Chi in the Works and I thought ‘Well great, I should buy these since I’ve never seen a comic book on the high street before” (I have only ever bought them off eBay). I bought two packs for a pound (a pretty damn good deal I thought) and went home and left them in my magazine/comic book rack. A few days later I decided to actually read some so I picked out Legends of the DarkClaw and I was hooked.


Imagine Batman crossed with Wolverine and you’ve got DarkClaw. His name is even Logan and he has a sidekick called Sparrow who is the female version of Robin down to the costume. And I thought Wow! this is the greatest knock-off I have ever read! So keen to follow the clawed-crusader’s adventures I hit the web in search of issue 2, and after searching for a good twenty minutes I began to feel like maybe issue 2 didn’t exist. Then I clicked on a forum post and found myself right 😦 . It turns out that the company that produced these comics in the nineties only ever made 1 issue.


However, despite the fact that Dark Claw was, in essence, a one issue wonder that doesn’t mean that his single outing in his own comic book should be tossed aside. This is a great comic and should be read and enjoyed and we can still hope for that second issue to be produced.


~ by Jess Wiles on January 27, 2011.

One Response to “One Issue Wonder”

  1. Not a knockoff, part of a DC/MARVEL crossover series wherein the universes were melded into one coherent whole. Dark Claw is literally a cross between Batman and Wolverine. Series begins as DC v.s. Marvel and then spins into the Analgam line of comics featuring Dark Claw. There’s alsoo a Superman/Captain America line as well as a Dr.Strange/Dr.Fate crossover called Dr.Strangefate

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