Dude where’s my hamster?!

This would be a good time to introduce my pet hamster Ivor, hes fluffy and fuzzy and he sleeps in a cloud (not my input there that’s just Sophie trying to avoid the ClubEasy men). Ivor’s the best little hamster you could hope for. He’s energetic (a little too much sometimes, especially if you just want a cuddle), cute and fluffy.

This morning, however, he nearly wasn’t. And by ‘wasn’t’ I mean he was nearly lost. You see I was just happily letting him run around on my bed whilst I got dressed and then disaster struck! Ivor attempted to squeeze into the back corner of my bed and I literally leapt to catch him and failed spectacularly. And then the horrible realisation hit me. Ivor was stuck in the corner.

In a desperate bid to save him I dragged the mattress off the bed and tried to reach him. Unfortunately the gap was too small and Ivor was stuck on the skirting board. So I went to plan B and pulled the bed base out as far as I could (not very far as it turns out, but far enough to get Ivor on the floor and allow me to get my hand in). But Ivor is a very energetic hamster and so he was off quick as a flash and he ended up under the bed. I daren’t move the bed any more incase I hurt him but I had no idea when or where he would pop out.

I leaned over the other side of the bed hoping to see him and there he was, his little head poking out from under the bed. But as I tried to coax him out he scurried back under. I though a nice treat might coax him out slightly better than a giant hand so I went to get one from the hamster drawer when I suddenly spotted him peeking over my slipper.

I scooped him up thinking how lucky I was to have actually caught him before something terrible happened. My room was a mess, I was topless, but none of it mattered because I had my hamster back 🙂

~ by Jess Wiles on January 28, 2011.

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