Not such a bad guy

After spending a few hours on 40 Winks yesterday and giving up after a spectacular fail fighting Threadbear who is aided by a giant spider I decided to return to the dreamworld and have another bash at that bad bear. I admit I did feel a little put out that a boss on a children’s game had beaten me at least three times so I was determined to kick some bear ass. And kick ass I did, twice in fact when I cleared the underwater level in a matter of hours and proceeded to beat Threadbear on a mechanical crab (he was on a crab not me).

However it was after beating Threadbear for the first time and watching the cutscene that followed that I suddenly realised that Nitekap (the big bad villain) actually wasn’t such a bad guy after all. Sure he’s trying to keep everyone awake by forcing the little kiddies to have nightmares but underneath his Scrooge-style pyjamas he’s two things;

1. Probably naked

2. A lonely old man with only a tattered ted for company and suffering from chronic insomnia

The latter made me realise that he’s just a regular joe with regular problems going about it all in a totally awesome way (though I do not condone his actions in any way). The game developers really tried to take the ‘scary’ villainous edge off by having him ask Threadbear (after telling him that he was a killing machine) what kind of patch design he wanted, floral or polka-dot. The answer should have been easy, polka-dots all the way!

~ by Jess Wiles on January 28, 2011.

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