Speed Demon – Screw corners, let’s drive fast!

For me, any game in which you get behind the wheel of any vehicle is an excuse to put the pedal to the metal and drive like the police are on your tail. Case and point, Andrew (my friend and Sophie’s boyfriend) challenged me to a race on Gran Turismo 3 and neither of us can drive (on the road real or virtual). Personally, I think that GT3 is the best Gran Turismo ever made for two reasons;

1. The Mazda MX-5

3. The Lotus Esprit – fastest car ever!

My method of obtaining the faster cars such as the Lotus was to let my Dad do the races and then I would copy his save data onto my memory card and then bomb around the easiest track (fondly named the egg for its egg-like shape) at 200 mph. However when Andrew bought GT3 and we used my memory card to drive in fast cars we found no trace of my beloved Lotus. I was so disappointed that I deleted the data and allowed Andrew to start again.

So he raced a few tracks and unlocked a new car and then Sophie brought her old controllers from her house and the challenge began. It was me vs Andrew on my favourite track, Trial Mountain (the eagle head) and I lost. However it wasn’t that I was a worse driver, at that point we were on a par at bad driving. Corners mean nothing when you don’t particularly care for racing games. The aim of the race was to win in any way possible and then meant putting your foot down and ignoring the fact that you have brakes.

Of course on something like GT3 these methods are ineffective when you end up stuck on a wall or spinning out of control and facing backwards. So then we tried our hand at a new game (or rather a really old game).

In Formula 1 ’99 corners mean nothing. In fact it’s more effective to smash straight into a corner than slow down and take the corner properly simply because the car bounces, rather unrealistically, off the barriers and then continues on its way without losing the vast amount of speed and momentum you would slowing down to take a corner. But the sheer speed of the cars made it just that little bit more exciting. At full speed you’re driving so fast that you barely have time to gauge a corner before you’re already there and smashing into the barrier at 200 mph (something I actually did as I suddenly lost all physical ability to turn in the shock of realising there was a corner).

So in conclusion I give Formula 1 ’99 points for speed in the 2 player aspect, but GT3 remains my favourite for its choice of cars and realism when you smash into things (minus actually breaking the car which never happens in GT).

Hmm…just a small and quite sad thought. Whilst looking for pictures of the lotus to put in this post it occurred to me that I did in fact have that car in the home garage on my now deleted save file 😦 sad times.

~ by Jess Wiles on January 30, 2011.

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