Let’s Play Wonty Finks – Dreamkeys are just a nightmare!

That’s not some strange and understandably unpopular game that no one has ever heard off, it was actually the suggestion made by Sophie earlier today as I decided to attempt to complete 40 Winks. I have not yet completed the game but I have only the Pirate dreamworld left to conquer before taking on Nitekap (a battle that I am not sure will be wholly suitable for children). I have 33 winks because let’s face it, they’re easy to find. You can find them by ear (though you may want to use your eyes too to avoid lava and holes of infinite depth) thanks to their annoying tendency to cry and then wipe their eyes with an oversized foot – it’s actually a bit cute. No, finding the winks is not a problem, finding the Dreamkeys however could be seen as possibly too challenging for children of that age (not saying that nineties kids were stupid – I was one of them after all – we were just less game adept back then). I have had to redo three levels with a fine-tooth comb in order to find some missing dreamkeys and I have only managed to find some of them because I accidentally fell down holes/into lava. If Dreamkeys were a fun little add-on such as precursor orbs in Jak 2 and 3 I wouldn’t mind so much but they’re a vital part of the game and without them you cannot fight the boss in order to proceed to the next dreamworld.

For a kids game, 40 Winks has already been challenging enough (and that’s not just me being bad at it) without the added annoyance of running around searching every corner and lava pit for four keys. I like a challenge, but recently I’ve been pulling through these levels by the skin of my teeth. I have one life, about twenty Zzs (think Sonic and collecting rings then turn them into Zs and you’ve got it) and an infuriating level full of pirates, massive men who throw exploding barrels at you really hard, crabs (which are a bugger to kill) and now I have the added fun of a Russian Roulette with crates – you never know if it’ll be a bomb, yay!

I’ve also started liking Nitekap more and Threadbear less. I wouldn’t dislike Threadbear so much if he’d just sod off and stop attacking me whilst riding various objects – most recently a horse. I lost two lives in the last boss battle and it was genuinely difficult (though not quite as difficult as Dr N-Gin in Crash Bandicoot: Warped) so now I’m really going off the little brown bear, although he did become cute again in the following cutscene. I have now come to realise Nitekap’s true reason for trying to stop everyone from sleeping,

He’s absolutely knackered and most likely hallucinating.

Poor old fella, I really hope he gets some sleep and that is why I will strive to kick his ass.

~ by Jess Wiles on January 31, 2011.

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