Peeking Over The Wall

After my previous post on step 1 of 10 on writing a novel I thought it might be fun to give a quick taster of my current (and favourite) work, Across The Wall. The story is about a woman who has spent her whole life trying to escape the oppressive city she lives in by somehow crossing the impossibly large wall that surrounds the city. However when she finally escapes she is forced to return in order to save the city she hates and more importantly, save her own life.

This is now my third year of writing this particular story and I have to say it has been my most successful so I hope you enjoy this short introduction.


It was a familiar feeling, the desire to kill. And yet at the same time it seemed so unfamiliar. Now there was a reason behind it all. Vengeance. Forget about the city; forget about all the shit shovelling bastards that caused so much heart-ache for far too many years. Nothing mattered but death.

“Emma! You have to stop this now!”

There he was again, always interfering, always stopping her from doing what needed to be done. Well not this time. He’d have to kill her first.

“You can’t stop me!” she snapped without even bothering to look at him. “He’s dead because of this bastard!”

Her hands were trembling, yet with neither rage nor sorrow. It was most peculiar. Her quarry didn’t seem at all afraid. He just stood there as though she wasn’t even there.

“Emma, please look at me.”

She couldn’t ignore that pleading voice, not when he sounded so desperate. She turned to him and the blade fell from her grasp. As she stared into those sorrowful eyes hidden behind square frames she could not begin to understand what was happening. But the knife in his hand said it all.

“I’m sorry Emma. I’m so so sorry…”

~ by Jess Wiles on January 31, 2011.

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