Hole in the Wall – and then I fell over

This is not referring to that kind of weird TV show hosted by Dale Winton. This is actually referring to the hole in our bathroom wall. Yes, today that hole was fixed after a week of waiting (though without the bracket being reattached. We were surprised that the house was even signed for yesterday  simply because of the hole (though the house was spotlessly clean so that probably helped). So it was all fine and dandy when the man came to fix the wall. At least it would have been if I hadn’t have totally embarrassed myself by falling up the stairs and cracking my knee on the edge.

Not really that embarrassing for someone such as myself  who, after years of tripping up in public and other such embarrassing feats, has come to terms with the fact that I will embarrass myself on a daily basis. However the man really thought I’d hurt myself , though I assured him my knees were knackered already so it didn’t really matter (and I’m only 19, shocking isn’t it?), but the worst part was that this particular bloke had been round previously to fix something, spoken only to me when others were in the room and called me ‘darling’. So naturally Andrew started taking the piss. That was and still is annoying (it only happened 20 minutes ago) and now my knee hurts 😦

The moral of this story. Get holes fixed before you fall over.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 1, 2011.

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