10 Steps To Writing A Novel: Step 2 – Don’t Lose The Plot

Ok, so you have your characters all fleshed out and raring to go, so where are they going to? What’s their purpose. That’s where the plot comes in. Without a plot there is no story so look at your characters and think about how they might react in the world. It often helps to come up with a plot and characters at the same time (usually how mine flows best) or make a plot then add fleshed out characters to it.

You’ve got to make the plot interesting so let’s just take knights saving damsels in distress off the cards for now, that one’s been done to death. Make sure that everything in the plot is relevent to the final face-off as it were. The main plot-line must solely be about the hero and the villain, sub-plots can go off on any tangent you see fit as long as it’s still relevant to the main plot.

Be sure that you can correctly gauge a realistic reaction from your characters to each of the main events in the plot. After all, when Darth Vader revealed his paternity to Luke Skywalker Luke did not say ‘oh great, let’s go play catch’ he was realistically distressed.

That’s all for now and I’ll leave you with a little more guidance. Click here to go to ElfWood Tutorials – a great site for anyone who loves drawing and/or writing.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 2, 2011.

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