Food of the Gods, Sins of Man and Words of Fools

Today I tried Tacos for the first time. I was really quite excited and couldn’t wait to get them cooked and served up. Tonight was the night and after browning the mince and adding water and spice and leaving that for ten minutes I was most definitely ready for some tea (that’s dinner to anyone not from the north not actual drink tea). I was a bit hesitant about eating them because the taco shells are crispy and it didn’t seem like the easiest thing to eat but I figured it out (being smart like that 😉 ) and it was damn tasty. It was actually tastier than Quesedillas (yeah I like mexican food) and that’s saying something.

I also watched Sin City earlier today after Andrew leant me it – and The Spirit (see, he is a nice boy really). It was a really good film, though the comic book violence did get a bit silly when Mickey Rourke somehow managed to jumped through a car windscreen whilst it was driving at him rather quickly. Nonetheless is was a great action film and if you’re after a good action film that doesn’t require too much attention (though attention is still needed in order to understand parts of the story) then Sin City is for you!

And that brings me to the present time and the words of the fools. The fool being Sophie and the words being often nonsense. She’s going out to a local bar with friend Jayde and they are currently par-taking in pre-drinks. Sophie’s a bit of a lightweight so it only takes ‘a sniff of the barmaid’s apron’ to get her drunk. Anyway I hope she has a nice time and doesn’t drink so much she ends up shouting at me to stop looking at her knickers when I’m in a different room.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 4, 2011.

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