10 Steps to Writing a Novel: Step 4 – Who’d Live In A House Like This?

Ok, so you’ve got your characters, you’ve got your places now it time to add some new faces (bit of rhyming there :)). It’s all well and good having a world and some main characters but let’s face it, they’re not the only people in the world (unless they actually are in which case by all means skip this step).

There’s lots of different people in our world of different races and colours so there should be lots of different races in your world too (unless there’s some kind of totalitarianism going on). Popular races in fantasy are centaurs, satyrs, nymphs, vampires, werewolves (please don’t think of Twilight), dwarves, elves and the usual humans and the recently popular blue people (yeah I’m talking about Navis). My story consists of three main races though others are mentioned, they are humans, werewolves and vampyres (and no it is not Twilight!). Of course the human are split into their different races and there are other races of vampyre and werewolf but few of them are mentioned. Different races can also affect your character’s personality; they might not like elves because an elf wronged them in the past, or they might just be racist.

But once you have lots of different people of different creeds it affects how the story progresses by affecting the way the main characters interact with everyone.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “10 Steps to Writing a Novel: Step 4 – Who’d Live In A House Like This?”

  1. ;(
    Wheres step 4? *cry*

  2. I mean step 5?

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