Keeping On Track…Or Maybe Not

Today I made a start on my essay on characterisation. I got to choose which texts I used so I wrote about Snape from Harry Potter. I’ve just sent the first draft to an Englisher (someone who does English at Uni – namely my friend Beth) so that she can check that I did it right. I haven’t written an english based essay since GCSE but this one seemed to go pretty smoothly, it just takes some getting back into.

Anywho I would have made a start earlier but I needed the books for referencing I Sophie was having hers brought up for me (yeah she spoils me :P) so while I was waiting I decided to clean up my USB (I should give it a name, like Evan but not Evan because that’s my iPod’s name). I was initially just going to tidy my Word Docs folder and let me tell you there was stuff EVERYWHERE. I write a lot and I can get sidetracked really easily sometimes so I always have several different projects going at once (I know it’s supposedly a Cardinal Sin of writing but everyone does it). The worst thing was the ambiguous titles of the documents. I had to open them all just to know which project they were from and sort them into the correct folders. I had Story More, Story Freewrite, Story 2, Story Revised, Story Re-write and a whole lot more of story whatevers. I ended up with 23 documents on Across the Wall and I should really delete some of the older versions but I daren’t incase I need them (not sure why I would but you know as soon as you delete something you’ll need it). I even have 14 documents on my sequel, Children of War, which really shouldn’t be started yet since I haven’t even finished the original.

Then there was my old, failed stories, Spirit of the Elements: Earth, which was supposed to be a four parter but was even good enough to be a single book, and the newly named The Company of Outcasts, which had some good ideas but became too farfetched to continue as I constantly changed my mind. This one I may return to, in fact I very nearly did today before Sophie passed on her books to me, however I forced myself to remain on track and finish Across the Wall first. I have finished chapters 4, 5 and 6 and am about half way through chapter seven, if not more. I seem to have written less this time around but I’m sure it’ll even out before the end since last time I finished on 88,324 words which is slap bang in between the range of 75,000 to 110,000 words that is recommended for a novel.

Once I have completed Across the Wall fully I might take some time out and have another bash at The Company of Outcasts, or just spent some time perfecting my short stories, especially My Lord since that one was actually good though it needs a lot little bit of revising.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 9, 2011.

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