I’m Going To Be Bad But Shhh, Don’t Tell Sophie

Sophie’s probably going to read this anyway. And besides, when I don’t deliver my promised 7th chapter she’ll catch on. I decided that I was going to do what every writing ‘tutorial’ says you should never do (and yet tons of writers do it anyway or we’d never get anything done). I’m going to write two things at once…well technically its four? Yes, four things at once although two projects are on a break – will get back to them when inspiration kicks in. I told Sophie that (since I NEED to finish Across the Wall) I would alternate between chapters. The plan was to finish chapter 7 and then start The Company of Outcasts (Outcast part subject to change) but chapter 7 has been a bane! I’ve done almost everything in the wrong order and it’s kind of making me trip up because when I look at the original version I haven’t got a clue where I’m at. I will try to finish it but The Company of Outcasts is calling my name with such delicious ideas I’m not sure I can ignore it.

To be fair to me, Across the Wall is driving me crazy. Not the bad kind of ‘Ahh I can’t write’ the weird kind where you spend so much time with your characters you start thinking they might actually be real. So I’m thinking I need a little break like this…another little break (this happened last year after I spent a month finishing the first draft). So I’ll have another bash at Chapter 7 and then I’ll kickstart the old project.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 11, 2011.

One Response to “I’m Going To Be Bad But Shhh, Don’t Tell Sophie”

  1. I think alternating between more than one project can be very useful. Takes the pressure off which ever project is giving you stress and lets your unconsious work something out.

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