Jess Victorious – Finally Getting My 40 Winks

Haha I finally did it! It took a little backtracking and some life collecting but I finally beat 40 Winks. It was tough going and for a minute it was touch and go and it got really ugly. I mean I verbally abused the game so badly at points I think I could be arrested for it. If you’re wondering about Nitekap then I can tell you he finally got some shut-eye and all was well. My reward for beating the game? A crappy little cutscene and the knowledge that I got one over on Nitekap and never had to play the game again. Sophie missed it and after all it was her wish that I finish the game but if she wants to see what happened she can watch it on YouTube because it’ll be on there somewhere, everything is.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 11, 2011.

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