Introduction to The Company – The Informant

The Informant

It starts with a knock. Two sharp raps, a pause, and one loud thump to be precise. That was practically all the information Ryuu-san had been able to give her. Baka! If he did his job properly then she would have to wait in this grubby little alley all day. Then again, if he did his job properly she wouldn’t be getting paid nearly as much.

The warehouse she was focusing on was at a dead end alley which opened up only a few feet from where she sat. Six long strides, a ninety degree pivot and the steps continued. Three men had passed by her already. There should be two more but one of them wasn’t coming after a run in with a rival gang.

Someone was walking towards her. There was a metal clink in shallow tin before her, six long strides and a ninety degree pivot. There was a knock. Two sharp raps, a pause, and one loud thump to be precise. He had dropped ten yen into her collecting tin – a criminal with a conscience it would seem.

She had to move quickly, she couldn’t afford to miss anything that was said. She stood, tipping the coins from her tin into her pocket, took six strides left, turned ninety degrees and walked slowly down the alley. As she neared the warehouse she could hear the drug lord muttering to his cohorts. They weren’t exactly being quiet about it. Baka! It would be their downfall. First there were some pleasantries, a quick word in honour of their fallen gang member. Then it was down to business.

The drop would be made at Tamaki Pier at five a.m. The goods would be worth…did she just hear that right? That was a lot of yen…whoever said crime didn’t pay had certainly never tried their hand at it. Then again, these criminals would not be receiving their money, only bars of cold steel. She listened intently. The drug lord himself would be present at the drop – that was good news, for the police at least. One of his gang would be in the van waiting to drive off with the goods, two would be flanking him in case things got nasty, the last man would be hidden, a secret weapon. The details of his involvement were whispered, inaudible. Still she had what she needed, time to go.

The police would be very interested to hear about the drop. She had promised to meet her contact at the Memorial in the centre of town. It was only two streets away. The sooner she had received her pay the sooner she could slip into something less…filthy.

Her contact took his time. It was just like him to keep her waiting. He was probably watching her from somewhere. Baka! However, it wasn’t all bad. She did receive three yen and a pot of noodles while she waited. The money was nice and all, but it was nothing compared with the payment she was about to receive. Five hundred yen, cash, and a sandwich from that Anglian bakery on the corner. She couldn’t help it, she really loved western food. She could smell it already. No, she could actually smell it. Sausage, bacon and egg with brown sauce and a hash brown; her contact was here.

“Konnichiwa,” he said softly – it was important to keep up the act of a beggar girl. “You look hungry. Want a sandwich, little one?”

She nodded and the sandwich was pressed into her hands along with a small rectangular package. Ah, the money felt good in her hands. And the sandwich smelt divine. She took a large bite.

So,” he said quietly. “Got anything for me in return?”

“Tamaki pier,” she said between mouthfuls. “Five a.m. tomorrow. Minoru is going to be there in person. There will be two men with him and one driving. Another will be hiding, I don’t know where.”

Her contact smiled and pressed five yen into her hand.

“Thanks, Suki-chan.”

And then her contact was gone. Suki waited a few minutes before leaving. It wouldn’t do to arouse suspicion. Her home was not far from here. Manami-san’s Orphanage. She would be in trouble for running off again, but her five hundred yen was well worth it. Manami-san scolded her furiously for running away again. After all, imagine what horrors could befall a little blind girl, all alone in the scary city. Suki remained silent throughout Manami-san’s tirade. She had no explanations for her, no reasons for running off. She wouldn’t tell her about her job as an informant. She wouldn’t mention the fact that the police had been using a child to do their work for them.

Suki’s punishment was a very rough bath and bed without supper. It wasn’t a problem for Suki, she had eaten a delicious sandwich, she didn’t need sushi. Besides, none of it mattered, she had her money and another villain would be behind bars by morning.

Suki’s sleep was rudely interrupted by the radio blaring out. Her roommate Momoko was breathing heavily beside the radio.

“…It was a massacre this morning as twelve police were shot dead at Tamaki Pier.”

Suki sat up straight and turned her head towards the radio. Shot dead? Impossible! Yarō! She had been tricked. The radio crackled on with its damning news.

“Another five police were seriously injured. Police are currently searching for a young beggar girl they believe can help them with their investigation. She was last spotted at Nagumi Memorial yesterday around five o’clock. If anyone has any information as to her whereabouts or the terrible shootings then we urge you to come forward…”

~ by Jess Wiles on February 12, 2011.

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