Introduction to The Company – The Soldier

Warning, this short contains strong language and violent themes.


The Soldier

She was just a slip of a girl. Nothing more really. There wasn’t enough meat on her bones to…hell, there wasn’t any meat on her bones. Her big brown eyes were soft and pleading. Shit, were they really asking him to do this? She was what? Five? Six? She hadn’t committed any crimes; she was just a kid.

He raised his pistol to the frightened little thing before him. He was shaking like crazy. He couldn’t do this. What self-respecting human being would? But he had to do it. He knew the rules; the consequences of disobeying orders were harsh and painful. He was a military dog, dammit! He hadn’t signed up for this shit. But then, a lot had changed in twenty years. Fuck it! He didn’t want to die, not even for the terrified little girl in front of him. He flicked the safety off.

Light flooded the little tent as an officer entered through the flap.

“Everything alright in here, Lieutenant James?”

Captain Marx. The little shit. He was probably here to take credit for whatever war crimes were committed against these people. Disgusting little bastard. However, his arrival did make everything so very clear.

“Everything’s peachy.”

He aimed his pistol and fired.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 12, 2011.

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