Sophie on… Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Hello again, its been a while I know but I have been a busy busy bee recently. Oh and by the way don’t read this if you don’t want the 1st and the 2nd series ruining!!

So lets talk Fullmetal, well I’m new to the whole concept of anime, Jess recently introduced me, up to now I’ve seen Spirited Away and Death Note along with Fullmetal Alchemist. And up to now, I’m enjoying it.

I love little (maybe not so little at the moment) Alphonse and recently I am beginning to think that he is the only character that it is safe to trust. I am even becoming untrusting of (definitely) little Edward, and the whole thing is based on him, what with him being the State Alchemist named Fullmetal. For me, Ed is wayyyy too stroppy and quick-tempered and really needs to calm down or I’m sure that sooner or later (most probably sooner) he will bust a blood-vessel. Crazy little boy. Winrey seems nice, even though she is much too obsessed with automail (metal limbs), but she seems to have the knack of keeping Ed in check. Awh and I think the little grandma is really sweet!!! she’s so tiny!!

So last night when we were watching a few episodes I was probably the most confused that I have ever been!! I was really not following who was good and where everyone was. I even began to mistrust Major Armstrong! Which is a crazy thing to do, I mean who could you trust more than a huge, muscular, over-emotional, very little haired, prone to stripping, with a pink ‘thing major in the military.

I was really untrusting of Roy Mustang, he seemed to be up to something fishy, so did Riza Hawkeye, they were definitely up to something. (still really not getting the plot?)

Oh and I forgot to mention the most heart wrenching thing that happened, MAES HUGHES DIED!! 😦

Now poor Elicia no longer has her doting father and Gracia has to be a single mother :(.

This is the main reason why I hate the Homunculi so much, especially Envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you next time for another installment of Sophie on…


~ by puttingonabraveface on February 13, 2011.

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