Jess vs Sophie – The Battle for Supremacy

Welcome to the Colosseum. Take a seat, it’s going to be a good one. It’s going to be a battle of wits, but enough about tomorrows episode of popular quiz show The Chase. I’ll be taking on Sophie this week in The Battle for supremacy. The loser will have to do a forfeit which I will try to film and put up in a post. Feel free to make your suggestions for a forfeit but do try to keep them reasonable. Remember friends, our fates lie in your hands.

Name: Sophie the Screamer

Special Moves: Able to scream in frequencies well beyond human hearing / Can laugh about the same thing for up to 5 minutes / Short in size for easily disappearing in crowds and shops / Practically indestructible nose / Super armoured bra

Weaknesses: Trips over own feet / Cannot hold breath for long at all / Fear of Spiders / Easily influenced by alcohol

Name: Jess the Giraffe

Special Moves: Walking like a giraffe / Super pointy elbows / Ability to waffle about shit for undetermined lengths of time /Cooking with far too much spice / Destruction of lemonade

Weaknesses: Never wears pants (trousers) / Frightened of Jools Holland / Clumsy / Inability to kill crabs (on 40 Winks)

So…who’s it going to be?

This poll will close at 9.00 pm Tuesday 22nd Feb 2011

~ by Jess Wiles on February 15, 2011.

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