The Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Review

Well, my mind will never be the same again. We all know the Time Warp and we’ve all heard about Tim Curry’s great legs (damn him!) but I had no idea exactly what Rocky Horror was going to be like. I knew there was some weird stuff, after all, Frank-N-Furter is a transvestite who will clearly shag anything. However, at the beginning I was getting a little impatient as Brad and Janet walk so very slowly towards the castle in the pouring rain to the point where I had to scream at them to hurry up. Then the finally entered Frank-N-Furter’s castle and then it got good. It was instantly kicked off with the Time Warp, followed almost immediately by Sweet Transvestite. So there I am thinking, hey, maybe this is going to be good after all. Richard O’Brien had a pretty damn good voice and the only annoying characters so far was Columbia with her high pitch singing, plus I even spotted Christopher Biggins amongst the partying Transylvanians. Fun times. It continued with the introduction of Rocky, hilarious as Tim Curry managed to chase after the muscle-man in high heels and then fall over, and a brief existence of Eddie as played by Meatloaf. Later on came a hilarious incident involving Dr Scott whizzing along in his wheelchair – we laughed a lot at this point.

Then, things got weird. I’m not entirely sure what happened at the end or what the hell it all means but over all I did enjoy the film and I think I will watch it again but as a group thing.

Overall this film scores 7/10 – not my favourite musical but still worth the watch. Also if anyone can explain it to me I would be eternally grateful.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 16, 2011.

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