Educating Sophie In Matters of Alchemy

As you may know, I’ve managed to turn Sophie into a Fullmetal fan. She’s taken to the whole thing so well that she’s even picked up a few technical terms like transmutation circles along the way – though she still can’t remember Riza Hawkeye’s name. And after initially disliking Edward and telling him he needs to ‘calm down’ and stop being such a ‘stressy little boy’ she has now rather taken to him and Alphonse.

After watching three episodes yesterday – and having to listen to ‘Die Bastard…Bitch…Thing!” everytime Envy came on the screen (to be fair the only reason you can tell Envy is a dude is the lack of boobs and the fact that everyone on the show refers to him as him, other than that he’s pretty ambiguous) – we reached the final episode. Since Series 3 comes out on Monday we are saving episode 26 for a while so that Sophie doesn’t have to wait quite so long for the next part.

I am pleased that she has enjoyed Fullmetal, but after she enjoyed Death Note (still must find second series in CEX) I figured that Fullmetal would be right up her street. Plus it has a cute little panda in it and she’s a sucker for mini creatures (it’s a long story). So with only four days to go we’re getting really quite excited. In fact I think Sophie got so excited the other day she almost weed a little. I intend to continued her education in both Alchemy and Anime and maybe one day we’ll make a pair of OK State Alchemists.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 17, 2011.

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