Vampires in England, working for the Government

Don’t worry, Cameron may be many things but he is not a vampire. I’m talking about Hellsing, the anime show set in modern day England in which a pair of vampires are working with a Government organisation, Hellsing, to take out pesky, trouble causing vampires. The show is an 18 for a reason. There’s lots of inventive deaths and sexual references (at one point a young vampire couple engage in oral sex whilst the male shoots the half-dead family around them – nice eh?). It’s actually a really good programme, following the adventures of Seras Victoria, an ex-police officer turned vampire as she follows the orders of her new masters, Alucard (frickin’ awesome, totally badass, practically invulnerable vampire – strike that, I’m gonna go with totally invulnerable) and Integra Hellsing (leader of the Hellsing organisation). So everyone’s british and it’s all fine and dandy until Irish Father Anderson turns up. Father Alexander Anderson is the totally awesome, sort of rival, to Alucard (I like him, but then he’s Irish so I would) who also wants to kill Alucard until he is very dead along with all the other vampires, ghouls and supernatural nasties of the world.

And of course, we cannot forget Walter the Butler. Now he’s a kick-ass kinda guy. He gives off this Butlerish impression and then all of a sudden your arm is…over there, hey how did that happen? Sharp metal string on gloves. Bad-ass.

Overall it was a very good show, although I have yet to watch the OVA where they fight Nazis. Give it a watch if you’re not bothered by animated gore, it’s well worth it.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 17, 2011.

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