Andrew Overheard Redux

A few minutes ago Sophie ran into my room screaming at me and shaking the More! magazine wildly in her hand. I thought she was going to wet herself, but she managed to calm down enough to tell me the news. You may recall a post called Andrew Overheard and something about getting revenge for the boyfriend joke. In that post I told you about sending something in to Men Overheard. I also said that if we found it we would let you know. Well it’s in this week’s More! Magazine!!!! Yep, we got featured but they did it wrong.

I sent in this,

(Talking about fast animals)

Girlfriend: Like an antelope.

Boyfriend:  Isn’t an antelope really slow?

Girlfriend and Friend: What?

Boyfriend: Oh wait I was thinking of an aardvark.
Said by Andrew to Sophie and Jess in Hull

They struck me off the record however and now it says this,

So, despite my disappointment at being removed from the very message I sent in I’m still pretty chuffed that it actually ended up in the mag.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 22, 2011.

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