Over already?

Yesterday Fullmetal part 3 came in the post. Happy days! Since Sophie’s going away for a bit I thought I’d watch the episodes before she got back, being the impatient so-and-so that I am. I could have sworn I had two episodes left before I went to get pate on crackers, turns out I had none :(. I’ve had it for two days and I’ve already watched all of it, now I have to wait until April for Part 4! It really doesn’t feel like I’ve watched 13 episodes, nor does it feel like much has happened, but I guess that’s what you get when you watch 13 episodes back to back with only one break in the middle (so it was 7 back to back last night and the rest today). I seriously can’t wait for the next series and the worst thing is that Andrew knows what happens at the end and it sounds pretty different to the original series, though it’s not surprising (I didn’t ask for the details I only asked if one thing was present and he didn’t think so but he wasn’t sure). How can they do this to me?! Leaving me on tenterhooks like this! I need part 4 now…and the rest!

I know, I know, I’m impatient.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 22, 2011.

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