Itching to Blitz – The Beautiful Game

Those of you who have played Final Fantasy X will know what I’m talking about. Blitzball is the sport played in the land of Spira. It’s a cross between Rugby and Water Polo and cooler than both. I loved it to bits, it was my favourite part of the game and I actually got really good. Unfortunately, The Al-Bhed Psyches got really good too and I still struggle to beat them. I even won the Championship once, two goals to one. It was nice to see Wakka had Datto a nice shiny trophy instead of a Blitzball. The worst parts of the game were the bits where you couldn’t play Blitzball and I got stuck at most of them, e.g, the first and second battles against Seymour (that bastard just won’t die! Apologies for the language but I wasted many hours trying to beat that punk). So now I’ve started again with my main goal being to play Blitzball and maybe do a little better than I have in the past at fighting monsters and bosses. I’ve never really levelled properly in past playthroughs but I think I’m on to a winner now I’ve truly learnt the value of a high level (only took me about fifty times losing to that damn Guado! God I hate him!). I’m still in Kilika but I only just started today so I’ll be in Luca in no time flat, then its Blitzball from here on in. It’s a beautiful game.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 23, 2011.

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