The Mystery of the House that was not on Fire

It truly is a mystery. You see, we live in a rented house provided by a large housing company called ClubEasy, so we have a weird fire alarm system that is similar to those found in schools and such, though more low tech. It sounds like death (me and Andrew have both set it off on numerous occasions whilst cooking – well, I did it twice). It’s all well and good that it has to be loud enough to wake you up in case of a fire, but does it really need the power to both kill and deafen you? It’s no joke that if those likely to suffer a heart attack would succumb to one in the event of a fire alarm in this house. But I’m digressing here. The thing is, ours just went off. Andrew’s first call was investigating the kitchen to see if someone had burnt something or left something on (or accidentally put foil in the microwave and set it on fire – actually happened to me last year, yeah I’m an idiot). Nothing was on fire. It’s been at least twenty minutes, we have not seen a fire. There was no smoke and no fire. So why did our fire alarm decide to deafen us with its ear-raping cry?

Who knows? We’re going on the basis that it picked up smoke from outside (probably Mr Spice’s garage – he’s a car man) and assumed the house was on fire.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 24, 2011.

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