I Wanna Build Something!

Between 7am and 3pm. That is the time span I have been given. Every car has the potential to be the delivery van. The window is open so that I can hear it come and be ready to sign before he runs away. I’ve been looking forward to this since Thursday, yesterday was just a build up. How sad. But I just wanna build a damn bookcase!

I don’t have a lot of wall space in this room, most of it is in the wrong places and I can only have the bed in one particular place (It’s just me being weird really) so my bookcase from home – which is already chock-a-block full despite the fact that I got rid of some books this summer and haven’t used it since – wouldn’t fit anywhere. So I ordered a new tall, thin one. I have a little space all sorted for it, I spent most of yesterday tidying up and getting everything sorted, finding my anime series to put on one of the shelves, that sort of thing, and now I’m ready to build. Well, ready in spirit, I might need the actual bookcase in order to actually build it.

I like building stuff. Always have done. Duplo, Lego they were great fun and I could sit and build for hours. I built a rack thing to go around the sink at home and I helped build Andrew’s exercise bike and totally stole man points from him (he and Sophie later bought a bookcase which he chose to build alone lest he risk further lessening his masculinity). Now I get to add ‘tall bookcase’ to the list of things I have made – from flat pack, my woodwork skills are awful – and secure my title as House Flat pack Champion. Oh yeah, me and Sophie also made some clothes racks at her house, but they were just poles connected by plastic bits. Then there was that little bedside table I made (and broke but shhhh, I twisted the plastic foot too hard and it snapped of and left the twisty bit inside the other twisty bit).

See, I’m a regular handy-woman. Now there’s a car outside and it’s annoying me because it’s not my delivery van! Hope it comes soon, then I can get it built and watch some anime.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 26, 2011.

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