The Holes that didn’t Match

My bookcase finally arrived around one in the afternoon and after unpacking the bits and borrowing Andrew’s tools I got to work. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am kind of a bit clumsy, so despite the fact that I can build flat pack things it doesn’t happen without a fair amount of drama. The biggest and heaviest bit of wood in the whole pack fell on my hand while I was trying to screw the side to the bottom. Then when I tried to screw in the other side it fell on my leg and grazed me. Then I had I all going well, I’d made it all by myself and I only had to fix the bottom shelf to the side and I could put the back on and stand it up. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

The holes for the screws in the bottom shelf didn’t match the holes on the side (whoever made these pieces was clearly an idiot). So I went on a search for a drill in order to make my own holes in the right places (dangerous for a clumsy person, I know) but don’t worry, I didn’t find one. So I rang my Dad and he kindly came down with his drill and drilled some holes for me. Then I finished up, put the other shelves in (OK, Dad did it for me because I got bored) and filled up the shelves with books and nik-naks (not the crisps).

The picture to the left is what it looks like now. Sophie actually arranged the nik-naks because, well, she insisted.




I also though it might be fun to add a picture of Ivor here while he looks cute with the mohawk I gave him. I had to give him a treat to keep him still and now he has none left 😦 I bought him some more yesterday but they turned out to be cat treats so Jayde got them for her cats.

~ by Jess Wiles on February 27, 2011.

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