Getting to Grips with Publication – My Quest for Info on Getting Published

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was eight. That’s when it all started really. I was going to be a great writer and I wrote plenty stories about my TY beanie, Pecan (Pecan is a girl according to the tag but for the purposes of my 8 year old brain he was a boy and remains so to this day). Granted I only finished a couple, one about a Mummy’s curse springs to mind featuring the cat, Prance (another TY beanie), as the Mummy. As I got older I started going through that teen phase where everyone speaks like a teenager even if they’re a sixty-five year old man (actually happened but he’s fixed now). I also failed to finish a single story. I started to see the issues with my stories but couldn’t quite figure out how to make it right. Turns out all it took was a bit of reading and hey-presto no more old men with teen attitudes. So then came the next big hurdle, finishing a story. This I did last year, twice in fact. First with my short story titled My Lord though it is in great need of a rewrite and a new title, then, after two years of broken writing, I finally finished Across the Wall. Now, however, I’ve started rewriting this too, but it’s my curse to need to improve to the point where the story, though similar to the original idea, is completely different. True to form, my original idea has gone down the drain as I picked at it until only the best parts remain (I even got rid of the infamous – to my friends – beheading scene, a shame really but it makes sense).

However, I still fear publishing. I’m terrified that my attempts won’t be good enough and will be tossed aside before it is even read. I don’t know the first thing about submitting work for publishing (granted, I’m not there yet but I’d like to be prepared), however, after reading Kait Nolan’s blog (website-blog technically) on writing I have been leaning more towards self-publishing. It seems like a pretty smart start as long as I can make my material good enough. So from now on I will work even harder to produce a publishable piece of writing to kick-start my career as a writer.

Watch this space 🙂

~ by Jess Wiles on February 28, 2011.

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