Proto-Typing’s Top Ten Badasses

Badass – distinctively tough or powerful; so exceptional as to be intimidating. (Definition courtesy of

Everyone loves a badass, including us at Proto-Typing, so we made a list of our top ten badasses to see if you agree with us (though to be honest I don’t think everyone at Proto-Typing will agree with the list)

*Warning! May Contain Spoilers*

10. Alucard – Hellsing

“It’s too late to drink your Master’s blood now girl, he’s dead!” Wrong! This is the vampire that didn’t die when he was literally reduced to a puddle of blood (he should have been, but wasn’t). Sporting his two guns he works with the English government, tracking down rogue vampires and blasting them full of giant bullet holes.




9. Auron – FFX

Auron doesn’t take any crap from anyone, as he proves when he attacks the powerful Lady Yunalesca when she tells him something he doesn’t like. This is the guy that literally defied death. He wields a huge sword more akin to a claymore than a katana (which is what they say it is) and beats the crap out of his foes with it. With some classic combat lines such as “That’s how it’s done” and “Some just can’t wait to die!” Auron deserves his place on the list.

8. John Mclane – Die Hard

When it comes to John McClane there’s not much you can say other than Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherf***er! Guyz Nite even made a song about Die Hard’s epic awesomeness and how McClane always won. What greater scene was there when McClane took on Karl and ended up beating him black and blue and swearing that he was going to kill, cook and eat him?


7. Fuhrer King Bradley/Wrath – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

I can guarantee that Sophie will not like me for putting Bradley on the badass list but the fact that he’s a pretty nasty piece of work only adds to his badassitude. See, he even has his own word. How many people have you seen take on a near immortal with nothing but a handful of swords, incredible speed, and an Ultimate Eye? I tell you how many. One and this is the man. He’s called Wrath for a reason because boy, you do not want to get him angry. He could slice you up quicker than you could blink. He’s also got that badass moustache going on there.




6. Kratos – God of War

Now here is a very angry man. To start with he’s a Spartan and they’re pretty mean as it is, but with his added attitude problems he becomes an ultimate badass. If he told you to jump you’d ask how high if you wanted to keep your arms. He’s slain no end of mythological baddies in brutal fashion, my favourite being the fight in which he crushes the bad guy’s head in a door. Nice work.








5. The Terminator

“I’ll be back.” The Terminator films are another classic example of one sequel too many. I liked the first two and I think the third is probably justified but there’s a limit. The actual Terminator, however, is badass. From maniacal robot killing machine to gattling-gun-toting hero this robot has fans everywhere quoting his badass lines.








4. Bryan Mills – Taken

Now this isn’t just because I really like Liam Neeson (I mean come on, he’s irish, he still looks very good for his age and he can kick ass). I just watched Taken on the telly even though I have the film in my dvd box and it got me thinking, wow, this guy is badass. He’s the kind of bloke who’d go, “I have a gun but I’m going to beat you up instead.” In one scene he stabs some electrodes through a man’s legs and then shocks him until he tells him where his daughter is. After that, the bad guy thinks he’s in the clear but Brian flicks the switch and walks out, leaving the bloke to die painfully. How do you avoid such treatment? Just don’t kidnap his daughter.





3. Dante – Devil May Cry

Well, he has a big sword, a bad attitude and he’s always got time for an amusing snipe. Oh yeah, did I mention he’s part demon? You don’t get much cooler than that. He plays guitar and uses it to kill demons in DMC3, he’s got a kickin’ pair of guns (actual guns, not muscles) and awesome demon abilities. If he wasn’t on the badass list then there would be something very wrong here.







2. Sephiroth – FFVII

When you get to a party with Sephiroth you have no idea what’s going to happen. Is he going to kill everyone? Will he commit arson? Is he dead, is he alive, is he a clone? Will he turn out to be Kadaj in disguise? What if he cuts those lovely silver locks? *Gasp* Once again we have that classic video game badass. Leather coat, giant sword. Sorted. What makes Sephiroth different to our other two sword wielding badasses is his mental state. Once a great hero, Sephiroth is now a sword-wielding, psychotic mass murderer who would like nothing more than to chop you up into little tiny pieces and send the home to Mother.

1. Thomas Warcup – The Company

No image is available at this time so here’s a quick description of the man in question. A gentleman of the older persuasion. Grey-haired, bearded, well-dressed and gun-toting. He’s an ex-spy so he knows his way around a weapon. Trust me, when he has a gun in his hand you do not want to be on the business end. His handguns pack a bigger punch than necessary and he once dismembered a psychotic torturer. If you’ve got a gun, he’s got one bigger. If you’ve got a knife, it’s already in his hands. Not only is he a dab hand at collecting information and killing off bad people, he also fancies himself as a life saver with a twist. Yep, if you’re dying in front of him you only live if he thinks you deserve it.

This list was not written in any particular order, other than the order I thought them up. Feel free to add your own suggestion via comment and rate the top ten in terms of badassitude and I will repost with the most popular order.

~ by Jess Wiles on March 6, 2011.

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