Pancake Fail

As you probably already know today is pancake day. Yay! Everyone loves a good nom on pancakes, what people often don’t like is making them. I am one of those people. Last year I made some acceptable pancakes – they were still pancake shaped – and I even flipped one. This year, however, I had a minor Epic Fail. The pans we have are pretty knacked thanks to Sophie and Andrew chopping up sausges in them (they were checking to see if they were cooked but now my poor pans scratched to hell) so have lost their non-stick ability. Hence, I made what can only be described as a panpile. My second attempt came out a tad better but not much. Still, I’ve still got loads of mixture left so I’ll have another bash later on…maybe with the bigger pan.
Happy Pancake Day 🙂

~ by Jess Wiles on March 8, 2011.

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