Starting to Tweet

I’ve never been big on social networking sites. First there was Myspace which I was fine with. Then everyone migrated to Facebook, which I was convinced was evil for about two years before succumbing and creating an account during Sixth Form. Then Twitter was born. At first I didn’t much see the point of it. You get 140 words to do what? Tell everyone you’ve had a nice cup of tea (speaking of which I had a really nice cup of tea earlier). But as a writer it turns out it’s an invaluable tool. What for, I hear you ask.



Whatever you want to call it. Random people could end up following you, talk about a book your writing, maybe mention that its available to buy and where and BANG! Possible sales right there, ey? So it turns out that it’s actually quite useful, more so than other social networks (especially Myspace, who uses that past the age of fourteen now?).

So why not come find me on Twitter. I’ll be writing little tidbits of general nonsense as per usual, but in mini form 🙂

~ by Jess Wiles on March 18, 2011.

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