Gerard Butler – A little bit samey, perhaps?

With nothing on TV on Friday night that I would care to watch, me and my housemate Charlotte decided to watch a film. We had a look through her films (a nice change – I’m that person that has a ton of films and uses such opportunities to get them watched) and ended up watching The Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler as a divorced couple on the hunt for answers to a mysterious suicide.

Now as I half watched the film (I was playing solitaire on my iPod too – shouldn’t have downloaded it, but hey, I’m addicted) I came to notice that there were certain similarities between the other characters Gerard has played. In particular Mike Chadway from The Ugly Truth (another great chick flick). Both characters are obnoxious, unwilling to accept that they’re wrong and both cock it up at the last-minute by saying something ridiculously stupid. I’m not saying this is a bad thing per say, I mean I enjoyed both films, but it’s good to keep it fresh.

It has also occurred to me since watching the heart-wrenching P.S I Love You (I didn’t watch half the film just to avoid crying) that he does a terrible Irish accent. I mean he shouldn’t haven even tried to do an Irish accent and whoever told him he was good at it was a horrible liar. Imagine, if you will, the common American attempt at a British accent (cockney or posh, they’re both as bad), Butler’s accent wasn’t quite that bad (I will give him some credit, it was better than mine).

Plus, I can’t really fault him too much, I mean have you seen him. I’m glad he got buff again after his fat period, I don’t know if it was for a film or if he suddenly really liked ice cream (and who could blame him, unless you’re lactose intolerant), but it’s nice to see him back on the ball and looking good.

~ by Jess Wiles on March 25, 2011.

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