AVG Free vs McAfee – Which provides better protection?

AVG Free and McAfee. I have used both of these anti-virus programmes (and McAfee wasn’t by choice, I had to use it) and thought I would do a little pros and cons post on which one I think is better.

Let’s start with McAfee:


If it detects something odd in your computer whilst scanning it will ask you to rescan in safe mode. if nothing is found in the initial scan (it then went on, however, to not find anything in the safe mode scan either).

Can set up a scheduled scan.

Can scan single files for malicious software.


It doesn’t find viruses. The basic job of an anti-virus programme is to detect viruses on your computer and then get rid of them. McAfee did a really good job of not finding anything wrong with my computer and when I installed AVG it found a whole host of viruses and such that McAfee had missed.

Scheduled scans don’t run on schedule. In fact, to my knowledge scheduled scans don’t run at all, or at least very rarely.

It takes forever to start scanning and I mean forever. I wanted to scan one item and it took about five minutes to initialize a scan that was over in less that ten seconds.

It costs money. My copy was free with my Uni accommodation, but for everyone else it costs a minimum of £45.

Doesn’t update itself.

Tells me my laptop isn’t safe and then does nothing about it.


Now let’s take a look at AVG free:


It actually finds all viruses on your computer and will remove them. If it cannot remove an infection it will give you a list of options on how to remove it.

Scheduled scans run on schedule. If your computer isn’t on at that time the scan can be set to run the next time it is switched on.

It’s free. You have the option to pay a pretty reasonable £39 for complete protection (includes firewalls and such) which is cheaper than most other Paid Anti-Virus Software and most of them don’t work half as well.

Checks for updates upon start-up.

Very quick and reliable.


Can’t actually think of any. It’s that good.


So overall AVG free is the better Anti-Virus Programme, surpassing not only McAfee, but the popular Norton as well. To download AVG free today please click here.

~ by Jess Wiles on March 27, 2011.

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