Revoking my previous opinions – Rebecca Black’s Friday

After now watching the full video of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ I would like to revoke some of my previous opinions and add new ones in their place.

First of all, I wanted to burn the video and only sat through the full 3 mins 48 to be sure I had done it justice in my previous post.

Secondly, I previously said that Rebecca could sing, but after listening to her repeatedly sing the word Friday in a weird nasal voice I feel that I must revoke that opinion.

Thirdly, I said that the song was musically OK and lyrically abysmal. My amendments to that opinion are as follows: the song is musically terrible and lyrically catastrophically abysmal.

And last of all, I gave Rebecca Black a few words of advice should she ever come across this blog whilst Googling herself (we’ve all done it). I was being nice but after sitting through that I must revoke my comments and exchange them for this;

Go home, go to school and don’t quit your day job. Don’t write anymore songs about your daily routine and don’t continuously repeat one word to the point where it loses all meaning and can no longer be used as a day. If you wish to continue your career as a ‘singer/songwriter’ I suggest you step back and really work on your singing and songwriting before giving it another go.

Oh and one more thing, if she’s 13 and her friends are 13 then who the hell was driving the car in the video?

~ by Jess Wiles on March 27, 2011.

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