In Space no one can hear you scream…

The Alien Saga is one of the most talked about sci-fi horrors of all time. Even now, in the age of CGI, Alien is still one of the best sci-fi films I’ve ever seen (even before watching the film I always wanted the life-sized metal sculptures of Alien and Predator in Red 5). The quadrilogy follows Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) as she does battle against the unimaginable horror that is the Alien, a species so dangerous that Ripley will do anything to destroy it. I mean really, with acid blood, super strength and speed and a nasty bite, who would want to let them run ragged?

Throughout the quadrilogy, Sigourney (who was also a producer in the films) is joined by fantastic casts including such big names as John Hurt, Ian Holm, Pete Postlethwaite (may he rest in peace), Ron Perlman and Winona Ryder. Each sequel increased the desperation seen in the previous films to the point where I really wondered how the hell anyone was ever going to make it to the sequel. The second film, Aliens, was, in my opinion, the best. There were just too many Aliens for anyone to have any chance of survival and they got everywhere.

The fourth and final Alien film wasn’t quite as good as its predecessors (you know what they say about quadrilogies). There wasn’t that same sense of urgency as the first three. Sure, everyone was running around panicking, but there was no ‘Holy shit how are they going to make it?!’ moments.One character was even sacrificed somewhat pointlessly in my opinion as he was neither dead nor dying and really could have not died. Winona Ryder, however, was fantastic and I managed to enjoy the first however long of the film in which I didn’t like Ripley because she was being weird and not herself.

Overall, I’d give the quadrilogy an 8/10 for killing most of my favourite characters and the not-so-good Alien Resurrection. Next up is probably Predator 1&2 followed by Alien vs Predator 1&2, if I ever get round to it.

~ by Jess Wiles on March 28, 2011.

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