“There’s something in the trees…”

According to the synopsis, Predator is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most terrifying film yet (in 1987). Truth be told, Predator was not nearly as scary as Alien (which wasn’t particularly scary to begin with), nor was it as good. Predator was supposed to be the ultimate hunter thanks to its ability to become invisible (some kind of high-tech camouflage) yet everybody could see it and the camouflage had a tendency to short out. It also seemed that the soldiers were pissing about instead of actually shooting the Predator.

Complaints aside, Arnie was actually pretty good and managed to survive long enough to kill the Predator and get the hell out of there.

Overall I’d give this film a 7/10. I’d watch it again but only if it was on.

~ by Jess Wiles on March 31, 2011.

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