A warm reunion with The Company

Though it’s been a while since I tapped the old keyboard and wrote about the lives of others (that were not rabbits), the members of The Company were not cold upon my return. In fact I had a very warm greeting and they then told me what they were going to do next so that I could write about it (so kind). So with nearly 13 000 words and only one character left to introduce, I’d say I was well on the way with my first Sci-Fi. Really the only sci-fi aspects are Mechs and Airships (at the moment). As usual the story has the underlying theme of war (well, there’s a war on anyway but the characters are no longer a part of it) with a slightly weird female lead.

The story is based on something I wrote a long time ago called The Puppeteer and still has some of the original characters and themes (such as Kyo and Yuri – and Thomas but he used to be Frederick and not-so-cool). Back then I was still in my ‘everyone talks like a teenager’ phase (as opposed to my new ‘everyone is Yorkshire’ phase) and I had too many ideas so in the end I had to scrap it. But now it’s back and better than ever with a dash of romance, an extra helping of awesomeness and now it’s low in ‘WTF’ so everybody’s happy.

Still, what would really help would be if the folks in Across the Wall weren’t giving me such a frosty reception. How can I get writer’s block on something I’ve already written? On the other hand it’s probably a lot healthier for me to take a break and revisit it later after I got too involved with the characters and became slightly delusional (occupational hazard).

Here’s to a cure for writer’s block and getting back into business.

~ by Jess Wiles on April 4, 2011.

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