The two hour journey

Yesterday I went home to surprise my mum for Mother’s Day and stayed overnight. At about 12.40, Sophie arrived to pick me up to come back here and we drove off towards Hull. What followed was a forty minute journey turned to a two hour panic. Unfortunately there has been an accident at the square-about at Dunswell in which a lorry was tipped on its side. We couldn’t see much but I don’t think anyone was badly hurt (I hope not anyway). This blocked off our usual route home so we had to follow the diversion signs. They took us a faffy way round and we ended up in places neither me nor Sophie knew. Sophie doesn’t do driving in Hull and after an age of following signs and hoping, we ended up on Holderness Road and Sophie nearly died right there and then. Still, we persisted and after a lot of being in the wrong lanes we ended up in Hull City Centre. This panicked Sophie even more. I’d used all my scared up when a lorry drove past us really quite close and made a horrible noise so I was on ‘calm-Sophie-down’ duty. We ended up taking a few wrong turns (my fault as it happens) but eventually we made it to Beverley Road and eventually home. Sophie even got a parking space right outside the house.

Sophie’s still pretty shaken up about it and we were both starving – I’d only had a creme egg, expecting to be home in less than two hours. Still, we made it in one piece so I can’t complain. I hope that those involved in the accident are all OK.


Just heard that no one was hurt in the accident.

~ by Jess Wiles on April 4, 2011.

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