Home, Haircuts and Writing

Home. That place you can always go back to, where you know that when you walk through the door, people will run up and shower you with love (and sometimes they’ll shower your hamster with more). I’ve come home this week and brought Ivor with me. At the minute Dad’s aggravating him, calling him Ratty and complaining at how hamsters are. I’ve had all my hair cut off today, all of it (except the hair left on my head of course, wouldn’t do for me to be a skin head). It was well overdue seen as I haven’t had my hair cut since Christmas and it’ll be nice to wake up without the fear of looking like Cousin It. I’ll be at the dentist tomorrow, praying that I still won’t need a filling and continue my 19 year streak (if I don’t get a filling ’til after I’m 20 I’ll beat Sophie). I should be OK though, touch wood. I haven’t had any problems that would suggest a cavity so here’s hoping.

I’ve also been writing a lot more recently (between listening to Before They Are Hanged and playing Solitaire of course). I’ve started rewriting The Company already and it’s becoming very clear that I only want to write about Thomas seen as I wrote six pages for his first chapter while everyone else gets one or two. Still, it reads a lot better now and I can make up for the lack of other character views by taking a brief pause from Thomas (I just love him so). With Joe Abercrombie as my new idol I hope that I can turn it into a masterpiece.

~ by Jess Wiles on April 12, 2011.

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