Well…this is going well isn’t it? – An Issue with Romance.

Yay, sarcasm! Truth be told things are going, well…slowly, since my previous leap only a couple of days ago. For some reason I couldn’t quite get the scene between Truly and possible-love-interest Ellin right. I’m not sure what it was, I just couldn’t get the whole meeting to flow and the scene seemed, well, flat. Nothing even happened, they were meeting for the second time and Truly was trying to hide, so why was it flat? Still, I refused to be defeated and had a flash of inspiration watching My Name Is Earl (or whatever I had on before that, it’s the last thing I remember seeing before Vicky started doing Pump It Up) and decided to go back to The Company. So let me just set the scene for you in basic terms;

Thomas (the spy) has been in hiding for quite some time after turning his back on the Consul and the resistance, when he picks up the newspaper and finds the face of Samantha (the concubine he was given but didn’t want) plastered across the front page following her arrest in conjunction with Thomas’ disappearance. Feeling that he owed her, Thomas rushes to the rescue, snatches her from the clutches of ‘evil’ and takes her back to his hideout with a bag on her head (What? Ain’t no way she’s going to go around telling folk where Thomas lives). Anyway, she makes a lot of advances on Thomas (who is quite a bit older than she is) and after lots of arguing and attempts to beat her away with a stick they end up sharing a kiss.

This is where I fall a little flat. I happen to be a little bit of a hopeless romantic (but don’t tell people, I have a reputation to uphold) and I can write mushy feelings (I published a book full of mushy feelings and people bought and enjoyed it (on Amazon if you’re interested)), but passionate actions is a whole different kettle of fish. However, I’m on my second attempt at writing the scene and if this time doesn’t work out then third time’s the charm right? Luckily I have Across the Wall to fall back on which has no mushy sentiments, only violence and shouting (well OK, maybe there’s a little bit of mushy sentiment in between people dying and shouting, but only a little).

I’m going to try to read some romance and see if I can get this romance business down, just as long as I never go so far as Joe Abercrombie did in a scene in Before They Are Hanged because I had that on audiobook and there’s nothing quite so awkward as listening to Steven Pacey (bless his cotton socks, he’s fantastic) making sex noises (except…well you get what I’m going to say I hope).

Ciao for now friends, I’ve got to start reading Drood before I chicken out again.

~ by Jess Wiles on May 8, 2011.

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