I’m a pro baseballer, boxer, bowler and tennis player. What about you?


Well, that all depends on which Wii console you’re on. At home I am all of the things mentioned in the above title on Wii sports. I was a pro at everything but golf because the remote wasn’t sensitive enough for me to be good at it. I know, I know, it sounds like an excuse but it’s true, I’m much better on the Wii Sports Resort version with the Motion Sensor Plus (all courtesy of ClubEasy, the dears). Nowadays, however, I’m using the Wii at my student house which, being brand new last September, was completely clean. I had to remake my little mii – which really looks like me, like really (I’ll put up a pic when I’m next on the Wii) – and then later change the hair colour when I dyed it red and start building up my scores again. Only three of us in the house really use the Wii and it hadn’t really been used since Christmas when I decided to pick it up last week and have a game of baseball. And so began the painstaking process of winning every game and becoming a pro while everything gets progressively harder.

I’ve also been doing the Wii age thing (anyone with Wii Sports will know what I’m talking about) and was pleasantly surprised when I was aged at 26 (I’m 19 but 26 is pretty good considering the very first time I did it I was forty-something). So I carried on doing this age thing nearly every day and I kept getting 26, 25, 26, 27; that sort of sequence. Then yesterday I was aged at 34. How the hell can my body be 26 one day, then 34 the next? Of course, it’s not as accurate as the Wii Fit Age because that’s got lot’s of reflex and bendy tests. I just had a bad day for baseball and then got given the putting challenge and, as I said before, the golf is really hard for me on Wii Sports.

Regardless of all that body age mumbo jumbo I am actually getting fitter. I can tell because I can do sixty sit ups a day (30 in the morning and 30 at night) and sixty wall presses a day without passing out or rupturing my spleen or something stupid. I’m also more energetic and I can get in at least 3 of my 5 a day (I know it’s not great, but remember I’m a student, some are lucky if they even see a fruit or veg, let alone actually eat it) thanks to smoothie and tomatoes; plus I have some carrots I plan to eat.

I think some of this bad dancing I’ve been doing in the secrecy of my room at stupid o’clock at night might have a positive effect. I say dancing, its more like weird prancing with added facial expressions and eyebrow dancing (my eyebrows honestly move on their own. I’ve had people laugh at me while I’m reading because my eyebrows are moving and I hadn’t noticed).

And now all of this has been secret procrastination in order to avoid writing. The muse is not happy but if I do some writing he might make that cute purry noise (haha I know, I’m completely bonkers).

So ciao for now and if you have a shared Wii, get on it and give everyone moustaches while they’re not looking (must insert pic here to show you the Sophie I made, muahahaha).


~ by Jess Wiles on May 25, 2011.

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