The Battle for Supremacy Returns (with a vengeance!)

After the last battle between myself and Sophie the Colosseum was shut down. We had slight health and safety issues with some of our equipment (apparently we can’t fire giant lasers of doom at people or drop them into pits of crocodiles; who knew?) but after sorting these little hiccups out the Colosseum was reopened. Yep, we killed the Health and Safety Inspectors with the giant lasers of doom and crocodile pits.

But seriously, I’m bringing back the Battle for Supremacy but with a few changes. Unfortunately, due to lack of willing contestants, I won’t be using real people you might have known at school, I’ll be using not real people you might have seen on the silver screen. So, let’s meet our new contestants; this week the theme is Pirates.

Name: Captain Jack Sparrow

Features of note: Extremely lucky/ Has a crew of loyal pirate chums/ Can drink gallons of rum and still act exactly the same as usual/ Has a gun and a sword

Weaknesses: Women/ Rum/ Treasure/ Always drunk


Name: Long John Silver

Features of note: Very sneaky/ Has a crew of ruthless muppets!/ Has a parrot/ A complete cad.

Weaknesses: Treasure/ susceptible to punches from Miss Piggy/ Never quite ties up his loose

ends/ Has a peg-leg.

So, vote for your winner now!

Poll closes on Thursday 2nd June

~ by Jess Wiles on May 26, 2011.

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