Cheeky Chimps and Shy Hedgehogs – Animal Personalities

I’m sorry, were you expecting the whole title to be alliteration? I was too until I couldn’t think of something other than cheeky chimps.
Now, anyone who says that animals have no personalities has clearly never owned a pet (maybe two). Take mine and Sophie’s hamsters for example.
Sophie’s hamster, Scratch, is from the same litter (?) as Ivor, yet he is a complete clean freak, very tentative and a complete Daddy’s boy.
Ivor is the complete opposite. He’s a bit of a scruff (you should see the state he puts his cage in right after I clean him out), he runs and jumps into everything and he just wants to be where there are people.
Another fine example would be my budgies. We’ve had three at home. The first was a but grumpy but he didn’t mind being played with when he was in the mood. The middle one was very affectionate, loved to play and liked being with people. Our current budgie (Billy the third. We had the name Billy stuck in our heads after the first) is a real piece of work. He used to just be possessive over food, then his cage and now you can’t go near him if you want to keep your fingers.
So examples aside all pet owners know (or should know) that their pets have different personalities and can identify what type of personality traits they have whether it be shyness, cautiousness, possessiveness or adventurousness.

~ by Jess Wiles on May 27, 2011.

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