“Hi! I’m a shouty man!” – The effectiveness of modern day advertisments

If you’re looking for something educational you’ve come to the wrong place, if not take a seat.  Adverts. We’ve all watched them at some point in our lives (unless you’re one of those channel flickers who flicks over as soon as the ad break starts) and there are a lot of good ones out there at the moment. They’re supposed to make us aware of products and encourage us to buy them. Now I don’t know about you but that doesn’t tend to work on me.

Take, for instance, the fantastic Cadbury’s ad with the dancing clothes (song “We don’t have to take our clothes off” provided by Jermaine Stewart). It makes me aware of Cadbury’s, I know it’s out there (I already knew) but it doesn’t make me want to buy chocolate it makes me want to dance like the clothes. Occasionally there will be an advert for a cake or a barbecue pack of meat that makes me want cake or a barbecue but mostly I just enjoy the adverts. Sometimes I enjoy them as much as the actual shows (more on rare occasions). And I remember them, I retain a lot of useless information and the adverts get slung in with the rest of it. I remember the Frosties advert with the boy who went through the street singing and the advert for Walls sausages where the dog fights the man to name but a few.

But adverts aren’t that effective on me, what is effective is the actual TV programmes. Case in point, I was watching Scrubs a month or two ago and the Janitor had some lemonade. I had a sudden craving for lemonade and bought some on my next shop. The only thing an ad might persuade me to buy nowadays are the Domestos products. I like the ads with the evil germs, Patrick Stewart was the voice over and Grot Buster actually worked (like really worked).

So is this modern approach to advertising by making things sexy really working or is Barry Scott’s shouty approach (you know, “Hi! I’m Barry Scott!”) the way forward? All I can say is that the Nice and Easy people need a new ad because their current foam hair dye ad is driving me crazy because the woman is wearing her nice top and then she puts hair dye on and how is she going to get in the shower without ruining her top? Phew, rant over. So, do the adverts work on you or do you just go by your instincts?

~ by Jess Wiles on June 2, 2011.

One Response to ““Hi! I’m a shouty man!” – The effectiveness of modern day advertisments”

  1. Adverts don’t tend to work on me either… these days I don’t watch many of them, only the ones I see online or when I’m at someone else’s house as I don’t have a TV. In general, I like to think I’m not that gullible and certainly don’t believe that things like Vanish work… they never have in the past so why would they now, particularly as they’re supposed to be more eco-friendly nowadays. And as for Ariel being able to wash clothes perfectly clean at just 15º – the only way they can do that is to add more chemical cleaner to the stuff… so there you have it. Adverts only serve as a bit of entertainment between programmes 🙂

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