Living on the Hellmouth – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sophie and Andrew kicked off the Buffy craze in our house, but with there being just the three of us left only I was bitten by the vampire bug (at least for the Buffy series anyway, Twilight is still and will forever be dead to me). I’m catching up to them pretty quick, having already reached Series 3 while they’re just finishing Series 5 (then again they have been watching Angel in between certain episodes). I’d only ever seen a few Buffy episodes from various series on telly and it was all in a bit of a muddle. I caught the end of the final episode of series 1 and an episode in series 6 and a few episodes from series 3 so going through it chronologically gets confusing sometimes. For example (and there’s a spoiler here) I already knew that Willow would become a lesbian, but I had no idea that she was straight before hand. I did know one thing, however. Giles is the awesomeness. It’s always nice to see British actors on American shows and though I feel that Giles was made out to be stereotypically British (tea, books, and a dry wit) I can’t help but like him. Plus the guy really packs a punch; I really would not want to piss him off.

And watching the episodes chronologically really messes with me. I know I should like Angel but a part of me hates him and hates him bad. I don’t think anything he does will ever make me not hate him completely. I also know that Willow will be a lesbian but I want her to keep dating…a certain someone (no spoilers this time). Principle Snyder is another hatable character that I despise (see how I linked that with the last comment?). On the other hand I kind of like his evil because it makes me laugh, though I still hope he gets his comeuppance (ha, I already know what’s going to happen to him but that would be telling).

Fun as it is watching Buffy, both me and Sophie have to be very careful with any Buffy references we make. She has seen all the episodes I’ve seen and then some, but I’ve seen a few from series she has yet to watch so I have to run everything by Andrew first and she has to…well, be quiet (it’s terribly difficult for her, bless). Sophie also has devised a little trade system, as it were, where by I write a chapter or two of my book and get them printed out for her and in return she allows Andrew to lend me his Buffy series. It’s working out for her though and me, I’ve got three chapters written thanks to Sophie’s devious scheme (one for series 2, one for series 3 and a bonus one because I felt like it).

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to write this little post because I haven’t posted in a while and because I’m not allowed to catch up with Sophie and Andrew and because I felt the need to express that Giles is my new God. In fact Giles has managed to confuse me on a dramatic scale (dramatic for me), well I can’t blame Giles actually, I’d more say it was Sophie’s fault. Sophie is reading my book and watching Buffy at the same time and Giles had a Weiss moment on Buffy (Weiss is one of my characters in my book. My favourite character really but don’t tell the others, they might get jealous) and Sophie then went on to say that Giles and Weiss were the same person. Now every time I write about Weiss I see Anthony Head (or Anthony Stewart Head if we’re being picky) and if I want to say Giles I say Weiss in my head and visa versa. I tell you, it gets very confusing when I’m doing a late night of writing.

All madness aside, I think I’m going to watch a few more episodes of Buffy. But first a snack.

~ by Jess Wiles on June 13, 2011.

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