The Real Problem With Aging

Now, when I say aging I don’t just mean aging into the elderly, I mean the whole process of growing up and then eventually becoming a Wrinkly (I’m going to grow old gracefully and when the wrinkles come, so be it). People say that getting old is awful because your body stops working properly, you can’t remember things and you get wrinkles. I say that’s not the worst of it, I already can’t remember things I did five minutes ago and I don’t really remember things chronologically. The hardest part of getting older isn’t the physical aging as such (though still being young I can’t really comment) I’ve found that it’s the mental implications that bug me the most. Remember when you were a kid and you watched Disney and everything was always happy and the heroes would win, the villains would lose and you knew in your little, childish heart that that’s how life would be. And then we grew up and suddenly life wasn’t so rosy as we thought.

This horrible realisation came about when I was recently watching Anastasia (that film by Fox which was like Disney, but not because it was Fox) and at the end she had eloped with her true love, Rasputin was dead (or something to that effect) and everyone was fine with Russia Grand Duchess simply eloping. At that point I went ‘Reality check!’ and in my head I was saying, but no that wouldn’t have happened. In real life no one would have said ‘good for you Anastasia, you go run off with a kitchen boy’ and Rasputin wasn’t quite so…soul selling.

At that moment I realised “Oh God, I’ve become cynical!”

To be fair, I already knew I was cynical, always have been always will, but when I felt the need to put down a kid’s film for lack of life accuracy, well…that’s just sad.

Adults always tell their kids not to wish their lives away and damn it, they were right. So to any kids reading this first of all you may not want to read all of this blog as some parts may not be child friendly (I can’t remember what I’ve written but I bet I’ve cursed somewhere) and secondly, hold on to the time you have as a kid. Play all the imaginary games you can, because when you’ve grown up you’ll wish you were a kid again.

My final word on this; it’s because we, as humans, always want what we can’t have. The young can’t wait to grow up and the old would give anything to be young again.

~ by Jess Wiles on June 20, 2011.

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