Underrated Genius – The Voice Actor

For years we’ve watched cartoons such as The Powerpuff Girls and Winnie the Pooh and we heard the voices and never really questioned the people behind those voices, we simply accept them. Now a few days ago I was watching Anastasia (Fox’s attempt at Disney – it was good but a lot of people think it was Disney) and the villain Rasputin started singing his little number In the Dark of the Night. It’s a fantastic song and I would highly recommend it to anyone (and yes, I am listening to it now), but as the song kicked off I realised that Rasputin’s singing voice was not the same as his talking voice (the talking voice provided by Christopher Lloyd) and the singing voice was one I knew only too well. I then took a trip to IMDb (the Internet Movie Database) to see who it was and where I had heard it before. What I found was The voice actor. There are a lot of voice actors out there (a lot of them are in Japan) but there is one than most children over the past twenty years will have heard and loved. That would be the voice of Winnie the Pooh…oh and Tigger too.

Yes, the man behind the voices of two of the world’s most beloved children’s characters is a Mr Jim Cummings. Now you might be thinking, ‘Ok, so he does Tigger and Pooh and he sings, and?’. Well, I think you’ll find he’s done a little more than that. Jim Cummings has appeared in over 300 film and tv programmes since 1985, the vast majority of which have been for children. Scrolling through that really long list on IMDb really made me think ‘Good God he’s been in everything’, though that’s not strictly true. For anyone who had ever watched the Powerpuff Girls, Jim Cummings was the voice of Fuzzy Lumpkins, he has also voiced Pete in Micky Mouse features since 1992.

And as for the singing, well he is a singer after all as well as a fantastic voice actor, so when Jeremy Irons strained his voice singing  Be Prepared in the Lion King, Jim Cummings (who was already voicing Ed the Hyena at the time) kindly stepped to finish off the song. To be quite honest, when I first heard Jim Cummings’ actual speaking voice I was surprised because he sounded not at all as I expected, and then I saw him do Winnie the Pooh’s voice (it’s on Youtube somewhere) and to be honest it creeped me out. My brain was just screaming “No! You’re supposed to be a yellow bear in a jumper, not a man with a beard!” speaking of which, it’s a good beard and I can appreciate a good beard.

So here’s to Jim Cummings, he’s probably the best voice actor I’ve ever heard or seen…and I’m still listening to In the Dark of the Night… Unfortunately (at least to my knowledge) he doesn’t have an album out (to be fair he’s probably busy with his vast voice acting career) but I’m hoping one day he will.

~ by Jess Wiles on June 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Underrated Genius – The Voice Actor”

  1. *cough http://cultofcummings.com cough*


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