A Little Project – Game Building made relatively easy.

Recently I sat down on the old RPG Maker VX and started making a new game. I’d tried to make games before (starting with the game version of Across the Wall) but they failed because I had little to no understanding of the tools used to make the games. That and they were kinda crappy. This new game (titled Dwarf in the Flask, Homunculus) spanned a grand total of twenty seconds. FAIL.

But, (and there’s a big but now) after turning away from my screen in disgust and leaving it be I had the sudden urge to go back and make something good. Now the general basis of game making is similar to that of writing. You have to have a plan first. Well I’d had plans before, loose plans, but plans all the same and look where they got me. So I thought screw it, I’m making it up as I go along! (Not so different from my writing technique).

And hey presto, it worked. I made something that actually looks like a game. It has gamey things it in and fun little characters that talk to you and make you do things. I’m quite excited about it, probably more so than is justified it’s only baby steps at the moment.

Nonetheless, I’m uploading a demo of what I’ve made so far, then I can go back to finishing Across the Wall (book, not game).

Here’s a little info any potential players might want to see:

Plot Summary:-

‘And on this Chosen Day the gates to the Nether Realm will be opened and the demons shall reign terror upon us.” – The Chosen Day, Father Ignatus, Order of Salos

For many years now, Brother Calik von Heiss was a member of the Order of Salos, a group of priests sworn to keep the Chosen Day at bay. But when he is betrayed by his superior, he discovers that the Order of Salos is merely a front for something far darker.

Now, with a demon writhing at his very core and the Chosen Day creeping ever closer, Calik sets out to rid himself of his demon and stop the Order at all costs.

Features (These will all be on the full game):-

Tons of quests with an easy to follow quest journal

Raw Materials Gathering including mining, fishing, woodcutting etc

Duelling System

Pet System – Catch ‘em, Tame ‘em, Keep ‘em

Hidden Characters for your party

Special Equipment which requires certain tasks to be completed in order to be obtained

Secret Areas and Bosses

Powerful demon summons – unleash the demon within.

Character Bios:-

There are four main characters in the game and several extras will be added in the game later on. You will only see three of the four mains in this demo. Here’s what they’re all about.

Name: Brother Calik von Heiss

Age: 35

Class: Priest

Weapon Style: Bow

From an early age Calik knew of the demon within him, but following a tragic family loss he joined the Order of Salos aged just thirteen. He spent his life devoted to quelling the demon within, but as the Chosen Day draws closer it becomes more and more difficult. Despite his haunted past he is a kindly fellow who always tries to do right by his fellow man.

Name: Ark Welkand

Age: 37

Class: Bandit

Weapon Style: Dual Weapons

Ark spent his childhood as a nomad with a small tribe of Desert Wanderers, though his family had not always been a part of the tribe. At the age of eight he discovered a knack for stealing and fighting and decided that the nomadic lifestyle was not for him, turning instead to a life of crime. Following several unpleasant run-ins with the law Ark turned to a life as a Fortune Hunter and Tomb Raider, his most recent venture being the catacombs beneath the Order of Salos Monastary.

Name: Benedict Giles

Age: 64

Class: Shape Shifter

Weapon Style: Firearms

Once a respected Butler for a high-class family, Benedict turned into something of a mad hermit after their tragic deaths in a shipwreck. For a short time he tried to drown his sorrows in copious quantities of alcohol which led to some serious debt. Riddled with debt, he quit drinking and locked himself away in the old manor where he once worked, emerging only to test out his new and slightly mad ideas to make money.

Name: Ellin Barnaby

Age: A woman never reveals her age (but yeah, it’s 32)

Class: Witch

Weapon Style: Staffs

Ellin began living the lap of luxury when she was married to Lord Barnaby aged just sixteen and she loved it. The pampering, the beauty regimes, everything! She was a dutiful wife, birthing two sons for the aging Lord Barnaby by the time she was twenty-six. Then it was back to shoes, clothes, jewellery and pampering. There was just one problem. When she turned thirty she started to notice some…odd things. Things that don’t happen to normal people. These new-found powers could only mean one thing. She was a witch and that wasn’t good.

Screenshots (click to see the full sized screenie):-

Demo Download:-

Download here

To play just unzip the folder and double-click on the game file with a sort of unicorn head icon next to it.


Face Sets / Actors:

Dark Horseman







Famitsu Sprite Maker




Dark Horseman


Woratana – Recover HP + MP / On-Screen Shop

Yanfly – Victory Screen Script

SowS – Bag Pockets Script

OriginalWij – Named Save Games Script

wltr3565 – Walking Sprites in Menu

Modern Algebra – Quest Journal / Paragraph Formatter

Dorkfr3sh – Menu Location Window

If you have any problems with the demo or find any bugs/dialogue errors or anything that doesn’t look right then please do not hesitate to tell me as I can then resolve the issue. Also let me know if you think any credits have been missed. I have tried to log them all but some of the graphics are from way back when my categorising was sloppy.

All feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.

The Game Genie

~ by Jess Wiles on July 3, 2011.

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