A new working demo and some resources

Hiya guys. Ahem, right, I won’t be going for that opening again. As anyone who reads this blog may know, I’ve recently been making a game on RPG Maker VX. In my last post I uploaded a demo. Well, that demo is going bye byes now and I’m uploading a shiny new one here. Thing is, it had some bugs and it didn’t work in some places and it was crappy. I also lost a ton of data to file corruption so I had to remake bits, though as Sophie pointed out it allowed me to improve some of the crappy things that got lost (but I still lost the most beautiful maps I had ever made – I suck at maps). Anywho, it is shiny and it’s got some new things in it such as an awesome new opening sequence (awesome in my opinion) and it also works :).

So here is mine link to this shiny new demo: Demo

And for any VX users out there I hereby present you with some shiny RTP edits/recolours that I made (comes with matching sprite 😀 )

Terms of Use: These are available for use in your games provided proper credit is given (credit Quackadoos). Also, the second face also requires credit to Jalen. The eyepatched sprite requires credit to Famitsu.

~ by Jess Wiles on July 19, 2011.

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